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From humble beginnings

Clean personal transport has been in our family for almost a century. We started as bicycle professionals. Bicycles have come a long way over the years. So have we.

At CPT we're driven by technical innovation, technology and a love for the environment. We don't just provide the coolest clean personal transport units on the market, as authorised service providers we've got your back every step of the way.

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Made of the very best materials. IP54 rated protection.

Stay active, be healthy

Be adventurous and reach out to places you haven't been before. Go places you wouldn't believe were inside your reach and explore.


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Save the environment

Don't worry about your footprint, Clean Personal Transport units are environmentally friendly.

Common questions about our products

If you've got more questions just email us at and we'll do our best to answer.

  • Can I use Segway / Ninebot by Segway vehicles in the rain?

    Yes. The vehicles have an IP54 rating, meaning that they are protected from water spray from any direction. Keep in mind that although the vehicles are sealed to allow operation in wet weather, they are not designed to withstand being submerged in water or pressure washed. Therefore, you should avoid exposing the vehicles to heavy downpours and extended periods of heavy rain.

  • How do I keep my CPT clean?

    You can keep your CPT looking squeaky clean with mild soap and water. Please do not use a pressure washer or a high pressure hose and be sure to keep water away from the charging port. In addition please note that we do not recommend products that protect and shine rubber, plastic and vinyl surfaces as these products may reduce tire traction and increase the risk of a fall.

  • Does my CPT have weight limits?

    Yes. Each CPT has weight limits for rider safety and to reduce the risk of damaging the vehicle. Please note that specified maximum rider weight includes the rider and all cargo. Also note that for Segway i2 SE and x2 SE, the total weight of any handlebar cargo plus any additional attachments hanging from the handlebar should not exceed 4.5 kg.

  • How do I register my warranty after purchasing my Segway?

    Provided you purchased your Segway / Ninebot by Segway vehicle from My CPT, we being the exclusive Authorised Segway Dealer in Malta will register your vehicle for you within 72 hours of purchase. Vehicles purchased online will not benefit from warranty at My CPT, while vehicles purchased from Authorised Segway Dealers in other countries will only benefit from warranty in that country.

  • How far can my CPT go on a single charge?

    Each CPT has a specified max range in tested conditions. Keep in mind that travel distances are dependent on payload, riding style and terrain. In addition, batteries will recharge when travelling downhill. You’ll be amazed at just how far your CPT can take you.

  • Is it legal to use a self-balancing vehicle in Malta?

    All Segway / Ninebot by Segway vehicles are self-balancing vehicles as defined by Maltese law. In accordance with Maltese law, no self-balancing vehicle may be used on the road unless it is fitted with: A single front lamp showing a white light, positioned centrally or offside and visible from the front. A rear lamp showing a red light, positioned centrally or offside and visible from behind. A horn or bell designed to give warning of approach. No person shall ride a self-balancing vehicle on the road unless: That person has reached the age of fourteen years. At dark, a white light is clearly visible from a reasonable distance in front of the vehicle and a red light is clearly visible from a reasonable distance behind the driver. That person is wearing a bicycle helmet made of materials resistant to blows, securely fitted and fastened to the rider’s head. With the exception of use by members of the police force in the exercise of their duties, self-balancing vehicles may only be used on the road where the road forms part of a “Tour Route” designated by the Authority for Transport in Malta by means of a notice in the Gazette, which may be subject to additional specific rules for operation. Self-balancing vehicles shall be permitted to travel on a footpath or promenade or within a pedestrian zone at speeds of not more than 6 km/hr. When travelling on the road, self-balancing vehicles shall keep as far to the left side of the road as possible except on the approach to an intersection.
  • Why could there be dust markings on new Segways?

    Each self-balancing vehicle undergoes actual driving tests conducted by testers before it leaves the factory to make sure that it meets the designated quality standards. Furthermore, each vehicle undergoes a trial run by the distributor to verify its functions. Therefore, there may be some grinding marks on the pedals and the joints connecting to the upright post, or you may find some slight markings on the tire, and the mileage reading is not zero (1 km – 15 km). Please do not worry as it is actually a new vehicle. We are simply doing our best to ensure your safety.

  • How do I maintain the batteries?

    Charge the large-capacity lithium batteries fully after every use and frequently when not in use. If you’re not going to use the vehicle for several months, store the battery when it’s fully charged and then charge it once a month. For longer periods, store the fully charged battery and vehicle separately and charge the battery once every three to six months. If you store the vehicle when it’s not fully charged, example at 50% capacity, it may discharge excessively within 15 days.

  • A wrench icon, exclamation mark is displayed and the alarm beeps?

    This is a low battery alarm. Stop using the vehicle when the capacity reaches grid 2 or 3 under normal use and charge the battery as soon as possible. The alarm will stop when the battery is fully charged.

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